♡ Someone As Special As You ♡


At times like this even I am confused,
When I want to write my heart out to you…
Because the words I have are very few,
And i dont know if they will ever be enough to convey it all to you…

To have someone as special as you,
Is actually a dream come true…
You make me smile, you make me feel alive,
And now life seems a lot more worthwhile…

Knowing that you will always be by my side,
Feels like I am one of the lucky girls in the tribe…
And I do not know how to say this to you,
My dear prince charming, please, forever, be mine…

The time awaited to spend with you,
gave me so many butterflies…
And now when I am with you,
It seems like the time flies…

I love you & u mean the world to me,
Thankyou for all the love, happiness & glee…
Happy Birthday Love!

…YOU and I…


And now when I close my eyes,
I see your face..
I miss you, I smile,
And I shy away for a little while..

Thinking of words you said to me,
I blush, and once again..
I close my eyes,
To imagine you with your wonderful smile..

And you’re right there,
As if in front of my eyes..
In that navy blue shirt,
Wearing your killer look smile..

And I feel so elated,
That I just made the right choice..
I am so happy with you,
That these words will never be able to define..

And maybe that is how it all starts,
The journey of You and I..
The beginning of a spark,
A bond that we’ll never let die!

…Time For A Goodbye…


Maybe its time for a goodbye,
To the chapter of You and I..

Reminiscing the day we met,
With no clues of such a bond…
Being together for years,
Even when my hope was long gone..

And now these little little tears in my eyes,
Thinking of You waving me goodbye…

Wishing to write down every moment,
To hold it forever in my heart…
Not letting a single memory fade,
Till my breath lasts…

Quotes, poems & writings shared,
Wordpress & twitter not letting a minute go spare….

All the moments spent together,
The pictures that we took…
Will forever be etched in my memory,
Like scent of old flowers in a book…

You made me cry, You made me smile,
But You are my first love , my life….

From being a stranger to a friend,
A friend to a lover…
You are a gift – an angel,
The magic in life, that’s about to be over…

But about one thing am very sure,
My love for You was absolutely pure…

And I’ll never regret meeting You,
Instead I will remember You a lot more…
For You taught me how to love,
And gave me happiness to the core…

I have always,always loved You,
And I will always miss You…

So holding your glimpses in my heart,
And all the love that You filled in….
I Will accept the change,
And all the new things happening…

Oh yes, You’ll be missed,
But that is how everything meant to be is…

I still sometimes want to hault this goodbye,
But life isn’t a fairy tale….
Nor is it a movie,
That our hopes won’t ever fail…

So will always keep You in my silent prayers,
Just Wishing for You all the happiness, love & care!


They both are like the two ends of a rubberband. The more they try to go far from each other, the more this destiny brings them together. And once again, they get entangled. 


..♡.. ThE HuMaN HeArT ..♡..


The human heart is a funny thing,
Always contradicting the mind.
If the brain asks to go to left,
It will always move towards right.

The human heart is also wierd,
For it makes us cry on the happiest days.
And makes us smile on moments,
When we cried in all the silly ways.

The human heart is extremely greedy,
It just falls for the stupid love.
Never is it satisfied,
Nothing for it, is ever enough.

The human heart is so simpleton,
It is the one to be blamed.
For it is the one falling in love ,
Causing all the hurt and pain.

The human heart is very stubborn,
It still makes us fall over and over again.
Even after being shattered,
Doesn’t let us leave the love lane.

The human heart, always in a dilemma,
Keeps overthinking things too far.
Forcing us to make insensible decisions,
Saying everything is fair in love & war.

The human heart is an optimistic one,
After having done things in vain.
It can still bring out the faith,
That we should actually try again.

The human heart is a distracted soul,
Just doesn’t let us sleep at times.
Nor does it let us work,
Keeping us awake throughout the midnight.

The human heart is a mysterious creature,
Keeps beating every second till alive.
And even after being hurt,
Its hopes ,wishes & expectations never die.

The human heart itself is confused,
Nobody has understood; nor anybody will ever be able to.
The mystery behind the human heart,
Is just gonna die along with all of you.

My Reading Story..


And everytime I open a book,
I am joyous to see the tree alive.
Its just like living a new life,
That the story written inside decides.

And I started reading just like that,
Never knew it would be so much fun.
Reading changed me on the inside
A new phase of my life had begun.

The book spoke volumes about life,
And i got keener everyday to learn more & more.
Taking me to a different world,
My boat had now left the shore.

I was now into the story,
Living the life of each character.
Playing multiple roles together,
I could understand life better.

I even fell for one of them,
Not realising its just fiction.
And my heart was now jubilant,
I was living the new life with full conviction.

It took me away from the sadness,
That was hovering me.
And I was now flying in the sky,
Like a caged bird had just fleed.

Now that the story was ending,
The climax was just near.
Another twist to the tale,
Led the excitement to the next gear.

I could empathise every emotion,
I got inspired at times.
This is how the stories are meant to be,
The satisfaction had now arrived.

Then comes a goodbye happy or sad
And the book is finally closed.
Now is the time for another story
Some other pages to unfold.

Oh I just love these books,
The bestest friends of mine.
Whenever I am alone,
Always by my side.

And every book has such a story,
That makes you live for a while.
Taking you to a different world,
Seems like you just lived your dream alive!

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